Secret Stash 9 April 2019

Madeira Desouza Secret Stash Email for April 2019

Secret Stash #9

April 2, 2019 | Las Vegas, Nevada

originally distributed by email — adapted for this web page

Secret Stash Feature for April 2019:

Back in 2008 when I first started creating digital images of masculine men, I was only concerned about the present day. I just kept creating male imagery and did not notice the passage of time.

I recently became aware that 2019 marks the 12th year I have been continuously creating visual works of men. So, I figured this would be a good time to take a look back at my visual works from just over a decade. You and I might discover together where I was as an artist and storyteller then versus today.

This month on Secret Stash you get an extensive collection of over 75 images. Adventures with Men of Color is a rare compilation in the sense that I have never before assembled it anywhere else. You will see images of mine from as far back as the year 2008 that have not been posted online for years. There’s also 2019 images you’ve never seen before.

Captions show the image title and year of release. You will also find candid comments from me explaining what I was thinking or intending when I created a particular character or scene.

Deeper Dive

Time now for your host and humble artist/storyteller to jump into more detail about his beliefs and values. This month, my focus is men of color.

Got Him 2010
“Got Him” (2010)
I have communicated with gay men (usually they are white) who admit to me they do not find men of color sexually attractive. I perceive of them as filtering much of their life through their racism. It is not news that racial prejudice is genuinely and truly dyed in the wool in the United States of America and elsewhere around the world.

My image “Got Him” from 2010 grew from my belief that gay men can willingly suspend their racism and eventually remove such psychological and social filtering from their daily lives altogether. I sincerely believe that gay men who have emotional or sexual attraction only to men of their own race are self-limiting. I feel pity for such men

I am a white guy who has consistently depicted men of color over the span of a decade. I know my creative works are considered provocative. I deliberately choose to create stories and scenes that I hope will provoke my viewers. I feel as though I have accomplished something worthwhile if my creative works bothers someone enough that they contact me to tell me so.

Struggle for Sexual Identity 2012
“Struggle for Sexual Identity” (2012)
My image “Struggle for Sexual Identity” (2012) suggests what I perceive from interacting with gay men in the real world: I have seen this many times. Some gay men who are white are genuinely actually attracted to black men. But the attraction they feel produces within some white guys an internal emotional or psychological struggle regarding his own sexual identity. That bothers him so much that he avoids interacting with black men.
3 On Stage 2010
“3 On Stage” (2010)
I created “3 On Stage” (2010) to show what I consider to be the most natural and pure outcome: White gay men should seek a mental construct within themselves enabling them to hang out and interact with black men (or Asian men, or, Native American Indian men, or, Mexican men) without allowing skin color or ethnicity to get in the way.

In 2016 I created the above publicity image of the main characters from my Baja Clavius illustrated science fiction books for marketing purposes. If you’re interested in knowing my hopes for how multiracial gay men could live and work together in the future, explore Baja Clavius and you have no doubts in your mind at all after you’ve seen the images I created to help me tell those time travel stories.

Baja Clavius and the countless masculine men images I’ve created and posted since 2008 consistently “sell” the same thing to my audience: I want you to allow yourself to jump into what you really feel when you see my images or read my stories. No one should accept any denial of their own feelings. I’m certain that holding on to any denial in one’s mind directly creates a life lived at arm’s length.

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