Secret Stash 5 December 2018

Secret Stash #5

December 30, 2018 | Las Vegas, Nevada

originally distributed by email — adapted for this web page

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The Show Must Go On

This photograph was taken in June 1996 in Washington, DC. I am the man on the left. My legal name is Elwood Goulart. Today, most people know me by my nickname, Woody. You already know that my professional name for storytelling and 3D digital art is Madeira Desouza.

The man on the right is Samuel Glass, Jr. You can visit Sam’s Facebook timeline if you would like to learn more about him and see recent photographs of him and me.

The two of us have been together as a couple since 1996. We got married in Las Vegas in 2016.

On Thanksgiving Day 2018, I took Sam to a hospital emergency room because he was having difficulty breathing. He apparently had an allergic reaction to one of his blood pressure medications and his throat swelled up suddenly and unexpectedly. In the emergency room he needed a tube inserted into his throat so he could continue breathing and remain alive. His situation deteriorated and he had two cardiac arrests while in intensive care. Somehow, he was brought back to life both times and he ultimately recovered from the comatose state in which he had been since Thanksgiving Day.

These experiences were the most challenging I ever had to face. I did not feel much like creating stories or 3D digital art because I thought I would have to prepare for a life without Sam—an imponderable.

However, I’m happy to report that Sam has been out of the hospital and now is recovering slowly but surely in a local rehab facility. We both are hoping for the best possible outcome from all of this and at least to get on with our lives.

I just wanted you to know this, but I sincerely believe that the show must go on. Thank you all for your ongoing support of me and my creative works. I am sincerely grateful to each of you!


Also during December 2018, adult content was kicked off the blogging platform known as Tumblr, which launched in 2007—the year I first started posting my 3D digital art online. This overt and deliberate censorship of adult content was set in motion by the American corporate entity known as Verizon Communications. This corporation today owns Tumblr, AOL, and Yahoo.

In a previous incarnation they threw their weight around these United States and earned the reputation of being feared as the dreaded Bell System nicknamed Mother Bell and Ma Bell. They did business under the legal name of American Telephone & Telegraph Company founded in the 19th century by Alexander Graham Bell. Even under a made-up name (Verizon), this corporation’s outmoded 19th century attitudes are clearly apparent today.

I urge all of us gay men to stop using Tumblr forever because we are not at all welcome on that blogging platform. I stopped using Tumblr even though Tumblr served me well in promoting my creative works for so many years. Now I don’t care if Tumblr chooses to delete all my content. Verizon is not worthy of any respect from gay men whatsoever. I do not trust large corporations because this kind of censorship is predictable and to be expected. They are not our friends. As gay men, we should not give them our money at all.

In response to the Tumblr censorship of adult content, I set up an alternative website, US MACHO ZONE (USMZ) (you are looking at that site right now) to be a fresh antidote to censorship and being marginalized.

End-of-Year Illustrated Story: A Doomed Man

He regains consciousness totally nude after being drugged and remembers nothing.
He discovers that his muscular captor is brutal and without mercy.

He endures pain delivered skillfully.

A defenseless and vulnerable man has limited choices.

He awakens while his captor gets naked. He knows what will happen next.

He is repeatedly fucked against his will.

He is relentlessly milked. He shoots his juices over and over unwillingly until he runs completely dry.

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