Secret Stash 3 October 2018

Secret Stash #3

October 1, 2018 | Las Vegas, Nevada

originally distributed by email — adapted for this web page

introducing a new masculine male character I created

How We Got Here

September 2018 turned out to be a very exciting month for two gentlemen who commissioned customized images from me. Now that they have received the custom images that they ordered, in the October Secret Stash I built upon the specifications they gave me and have expanded into new stories with never-before seen images. The first story starts next…


What Jihadists Like

In 2017 a writer whose pen name is Nullo sent me an exceptionally unique story. His stories and those of the handful of very talented men who regularly send me their explicit works appear on my Fiction: Tough & Rough page. Nullo’s 2017 story “Daesh (ISIS) Celebration” posted at that page gives an insider’s look at United States Marines who were tortured and then executed by jihadists is totally stunning, to the say the very least. I was contacted by a visitor who read Nullo’s story and then commissioned customized images from me based on the characters and situations created by Nullo. In this edition of Secret Stash I will take things far beyond the limits of political correctness or decency to reveal new images to you here that will not appear anywhere for the general public. These are brutal images that pinpoint my take on what jihadists like.

1–A doomed young Marine has been stripped down and forced to pose in an undignified manner by his jihadist captors.

2–He becomes suddenly aware of the terrible fate that awaits him. He is powerless to defend himself against the jihadists.
secret stash image three
3–During his suspension hanging he is fucked by the jihdist with the thickest, widest cock. His undignified treatment includes being milked until he unwillingly shoots his massive load.
secret stash image four
4–The executioner taunts the tormented Marine by forcing him to look closely at his severed cock and balls.
secret stash image four
5–His wrists are untied and he dies agonizingly as the jihadists enjoy their work.
secret stash image five
6–The last of the young Marine’s desecrations after his death include being beheaded as he is fucked once again.

Bonus Image

two naked soldiers, one bullet




Neck Play

In the second story for the October 2018 Secret Stash, I cast a recently-created masculine male character—he appears at the top of this page in the Secret Stash title image—in a heartwarming tale with military themes. In this story, the main character suggests to two fellow soldiers that they all will get serious erections just by pretending to do a hanging. He tells them he wants to be the soldier who is hanged. He points out that the old gallows at their base is no longer maintained or used by anyone. The two soldiers reluctantly agree to this odd request. They bind their friend’s wrists behind his back like he requested. He tells one fellow soldier to hold on tight to him to make sure nothing goes wrong, but otherwise to treat him aggressively like soldiers should treat a prisoner whom they are about to hang.
secret stash image 1-B
1–A pretend hanging of a soldier starts with some friendly squeezing of his cock and balls.
secret stash image 2-B
2–He isn’t expecting one of the soldiers to kick him in the nuts and when he doubles over, he shifts his weight. That is when he realizes the trapdoor is giving way beneath him.
secret stash image 3-B
3–He feels he is naked as his full weight yanks his muscular body downward. He unwillingly shoots the biggest load of his life abruptly cut short when his neck breaks.
secret stash 4-B
4–His fellow soldier gently remove his lifeless body from the noose.
secret stash 5-B
5–They untie him and carefully descend the old steps of the gallows. They have more than enough time for feelings of regret and anger at themselves for what they have just done.
secret stash image 6-B
6–They see him stretched out in death and consider ways in which they can join him to avoid military repercussions.



And, Since It’s October…

Halloween fuck


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