Secret Stash 2 September 2018

Secret Stash #2

September 1, 2018 | Las Vegas, Nevada

originally distributed by email — adapted for this web page



an illustrated story by Madeira Desouza

Two new characters I created have already gone out in the world and they’ve quickly gotten themselves into trouble. Held in custody and forced to appear nude in a police lineup, the two have no idea what’s in store for them…

 The cops bark their orders over a loudspeaker in the ceiling. The two in the lineup hear every word clearly. “You on the right. You got the bigger cock. We want you to show your affection to your fellow prisoner standing next to you. Go ahead. Don’t be shy.”

 “You just gonna touch him so gently? Are you afraid of him or what?”

 “Yeah! That’s what we want. Squeeze his cock and balls hard. Very hard. Make him shout. Show us more aggression!”

 “OK, you on the floor. You’re not really hurt. He barely slapped you. We saw it all. Sit up. Make yourself shoot for him. Go ahead.”

 “You on the right, kick his balls while he’s strokin’ himself. Maybe he will suck your thick cock.”

 “Of course, the winner gets to fuck the loser. We get to watch.”

Behind the Scenes of “Lineup”

The defeated guy from the lineup (“the loser”) is one character I created very recently. He has a strong macho vibe, yet at the same time his vulnerability shines through very clearly. I especially like that combination of macho vibe and vulnerability in any man. Here he is depicted in a somewhat “artsy” image standing in a studio. I feel that view of him captures his personality quite well.

Some of you may remember this character from my Male.Gallery private site. I especially like this image of him showing off at the top of a ladder in the studio.

The other character from “Lineup” who emerged as the victor is someone I created months ago. Until “Lineup” I could not figure out what to do with him in a story. He now has a name—Victor. And who can possibly resist his strong self-confidence, amazing erect cock, and powerful hands?

What Happens to Victor…

five men in a suspension hanging

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