That Same Afternoon in Studio 9999

bara fantasies

At Studio 9999 where I create men in my laboratory, I start each of them off by warning them to always expect the unexpected in life. He was a young and innocent type. I was not sure he would past muster if I put him through challenges he wasn’t expecting.

He understood and said, “I’m up for it.” And he showed me he was.

I don’t think he was quite ready for my binding his wrists behind his back and sending my assistant rushing in to kick him.

I told him to get up on that cube and act like he was enjoying himself. And he showed me he was.

He definitely was not ready for my assistant suddenly grabbing him by the balls.

He cried ever so softly while getting fucked by my assistant on that cube.

Later, my assistant cleaned him up in the shower and then fucked him for the second time that same afternoon.
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