After That Same Afternoon


It caught me off guard when the young gentleman called me a few weeks following the intense sexual experiences he’d had while I photographed him in my studio.
(Look back at that story and images from that Studio 9999 photo session here.)
This guy told me he wanted to meet me in person, so I invited him back to my studio.
He insisted that my assistant not be present. I told him I was OK with that. I did not tell him I had not seen my assistant since the photo shoot.
When he walked in my studio to meet with me, at first I did not recognize him.
He had cut his hair short and he had a clear angry look in his eyes.

He said he wanted to be photographed again in my studio. He had selected some other guy whom he said he knew. The photo shoot was scheduled for three days in the future. Here are the best of the images I selected from everything I shot in my studio on that afternoon:





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