Studio 9999: Like a Man


Like a Man

An obscure local Las Vegas artist started Studio 9999 and secretly set up shop just off The Strip on Polaris Avenue. You could walk or drive by his studio at any time of day or night and never get a clue about what’s behind the plain, if not bland, exterior wall facing the street without signage. In accordance with local regulations, only a prominent four-digit street number was visible. Only if you were invited by the artist do you ever get inside this secret place.
Young man is welcomed by the artist inside Studio 9999.
The young man walked up to the side entrance of Studio 9999 hidden in plain sight after he stepped down an unusually narrow alley from the sidewalk on Polaris. The imposing steel door swung open and it was there he met the artist in person for the very first time after many weeks of email and phone interactions with him.
The artist invited his guest to come inside late one afternoon. Yes, the young man had obvious fear on his face. He had good reason to fear. He imagined he would never again be seen out in the world by anyone once he chose to go inside as the artist beckoned. And why did this young man instinctively suspect anything less than his total disappearance from society after entering Studio 9999?
Perhaps his feelings about his own safety came from the fact he had to submitted electronic documents that requested a lot of invasive details about his life. Yet, he willingly signing away all his rights to the artist at Studio 9999. He had a strong incentive to do so: Once his online forms were electronically signed and submitted, the young man received an immediate direct deposit representing more money than he could ever have earned in five years working at his job bartending at one of the smaller local casinos in Vegas.
The artist politely asked the young man to remove his boots and all clothing and then directed him to on the opposite side of “the window” of the entry hallway of Studio 9999. It was a simple four-pane window situated in the hallway so that the artist could look through to the transparent plexiglass to see the completely naked young man standing on the other side. The artist stared at the naked young man framed within “the window” and gave a wide smile of approval. The young man breathed a sign of relief.
The artist insisted upon giving the new arrival a proper introduction to Studio 9999. First he removed his own footwear and clothing and then the artist dropped down on his knees and used his obviously experienced mouth, lips, and tongue to explore the young man’s large, meaty testicles.
This balls-sucking ritual lasted only a few minutes and, not surprisingly, it culminated in the young man depositing a thick load of cum all over the artist’s smiling face.
“You present yourself as a very appealing man,” the artist said as he cleaned away the young man’s juices from his face using warm water and mild soap. “You’re the kind of man whom I’m certain would be welcomed anywhere. Because of how you carry yourself. A mixture of youthful innocence and yet muscles, too. You are to address me as ‘sir’ whenever you respond to me.”
“Thank you, sir.”
The artist pointed upwards to the ceiling of Studio 9999. “See my robot-operated cameras. They’re everywhere. They buzz and whirr like they have minds of their own while they catch everything that happens in here.”
The young man nodded in silence as he thought about what the artist was going to do with all the video and still images taken today.
“As I told you honestly, you present yourself as a very appealing man,” the artist repeated. “Now I want you to convince me and my cameras that you’re actually a female.” The costume provided for the young man to put on was not what he was expecting.
“Sorry, that look doesn't make you out to be the most attractive female. How about if you were an exotic dancer instead?”
“I could just rush up there next to you and start squeezing that pouch of yours right now,” said the artist. “You’re far more exciting than I was expecting you to be. Great job!”
“Thank you, sir.”


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