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Your Host, Madeira Desouza

Several underground artists influenced Madeira Desouza, a very prolific artist whose works have appeared online since 2007.

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See how he creates digital art.

He can create custom-built men for you.


Madeira Desouza reveals his secrets in an exclusive interview

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Naked Male Victims

Over the centuries, artists have used the male nude as a vehicle for the expression of suffering. Edward Lucie-Smith in Adam: The Male Figure in Art calls this naked victims. In his book he provides many examples from art history exploring the ways in which this subject matter appears in paintings and sculptures. This website…

New US Bara Fantasies

For all Patreon patrons of mine, I have very hot new US Bara Fantasies images ready for you to enjoy!

Secret Stash Feb 2020

My Patreon patrons are invited to view the Secret Stash rewards for the month of February 2020. The Theme is “The Power of Men Touching Men.” Click here for immediate access.