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This one blog is jam-packed with literally hundreds of uncensored images of naked men, including frontal nudity.

What you can expect here are erotic stylized masculine men with sexual energy dealing with perilous situations.

Images and stories here emphasize the masculine man type of looks and behaviors. Such looks and behaviors are well-known worldwide regardless of local cultural variations. These types of men differ from depictions you can find elsewhere else—the so-called "real-life" men who may be skinny or overweight or who would never be recognized as being "handsome" or "good-looking" or "athletic" men.
You will see men here who display defined muscles and bodies as do actual men out there who are in top-notch physical shape and good health. Such traits are among the top most desirable attributes recognized internationally as identifying masculine or manly men. Such men are known to be desirable because of their manliness.

Several underground artists influenced Madeira Desouza, a very prolific storyteller and artist whose visual works have appeared online since 2007.
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ladder men

Find out the secrets of how Madeira Desouza creates digital art. He is available on a commissioned basis to create custom-built men for you.

Storyteller and artist Madeira Desouza reveals many behind-the-scenes details of his creative works in an exclusive interview.

Naked cowboys, big cocks, men fucking men -- it's all happening now inside Madeira Desouza's Baja Clavius. See a free preview.

Explicit naked men pictures (including front nudity) -- See a free preview of Secret Stash loyalty rewards from Madeira Desouza.

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Cutting Fantasy

Enjoy this original story and illustrations of mine. A young man awakens behind bars with no idea how he got there and no defense against peril. 

The Death Game

If somehow you could find the unpublished coordinates, you can watch dead guys on reality television anywhere in the world. The Death Game is transmitted worldwide on a notorious secret satellite feed from a container cargo ship sailing in international waters. Aggressive male behaviors are unbounded by anyone’s laws or norms from the protective secrecy…

Male Death Fetish Story

“Turn Me On, Dead Men” is the title of a stunning story in the male death fetish genre. This generously illustrated story is available to Patreon patrons of Madeira Desouza as part of the Secret Stash loyalty program. Visit Secret Stash #20 for the month of March now if you are a Patreon patron.