Brutal Destiny of a Ruggedly Vulnerable Hunk

[From time to time, I will suggest films for you that you can rent or buy on DVD that align with the storytelling themes that I frequently use in my creative works. Here is one such recommended film for you:]

Culture teaches us that certain human traits seem to group together well. Courage and strength just fit together, don’t they? So do intelligence and wisdom. But, what about masculinity and vulnerability? Do those traits go together well? What about the unusual trifecta of masculinity, rugged good looks, and vulnerability?

These traits define the male lead in a smart independent film entitled Shockheaded. Portrayed by Jason Wauer, the male lead in this film goes by the name of Noble. And he is.

This is man who is way down on his luck. Nothing seems to go right for Noble, and you know in your heart of hearts that his fate most likely will include both a terribly short life span capped by a brutal death of significant suffering and torment.

But, this unusual character in an unusual film pulls together the unlikely combination of masculine rugged vulnerability. Credit actor Jason Wauer. This is a significant accomplishment in a dramatic performance on screen. You watch transfixed as Noble goes out into a very sick and twisted world in the only way that he can—armed and dangerous.

Like happening upon the aftermath of a horrifying auto accident on a freeway, you will find it impossible to look away as this man carries himself bravely, despite obvious emotional and physical distress, on a quest for noble justice without the benefit of either a shower or a shave.

However, watching Shockheaded feels like you voyeuristically spied upon someone’s outrageous heterosexual fetish of a nightmare without their permission. Worse, you seem to derive certain pleasure from this experience. Director Eric Thornett excels at creating a dark foray into man-on-woman sex that is deliberately both humiliating and violent for the women, but pleasurable for the men. The sex acts in the story are videotaped to later be sold as underground porn.

If you’re keeping score, thus far we’ve got one masculine ruggedly vulnerable male lead who goes out solo with a loaded gun to track down several male pornographers who live out their most gritty violent humiliation fetish against females.

And, as if that were not sufficiently twisted, we are invited to watch Noble suffer violent encounters with mysterious bad guys, who seem to emerge out of nowhere bent on his destruction. You begin to wonder how much can one guy take? Wouldn’t it be better if he were killed off? At least that would mercifully end his suffering. But, as it turns out, that also would end the film’s story as well as its’ emotional impact that inevitably draws you in and holds onto you tightly. There is no escape for you.

You find yourself drawn to Noble’s expressive eyes, which are a tempting gateway to the desperation and helplessness that rule his very existence.

This man called Noble is barely what one might call alive, given that he feels so threatened by enigmatic notes composed using large block letters on plain white paper inside bright red envelopes and then slipped silently beneath his door. He struggles to wrap his brain around the meaning of the mysterious notes, plus, Noble must also cope with persistently annoying nightmares featuring what appears to be the mask worn by Jason Vorhees in those Friday the 13th movies.

This film works effectively to create only one character with whom you can feel any possible connection whatsoever. And that character is Noble. And that’s the point. Of course, you begin to hope that he prevails over the bad guys before the film is over. But, you feel for Noble on other levels, too. You may, for instance, feel ashamed that you are focusing on Noble with thoughts of “oh, if only I could bring this hunk home tonight and give him the steamy hot bath that he so richly deserves!” But, do not feel ashamed. Do not.

Shockheaded certainly is not ashamed to depict violent behavior of crazed heterosexual males, seemingly motivated in their blood lust against females by nothing more significant than the street cred of bootleg porno tapes. Focus instead on sharing that steamy hot bath tonight with this man called Noble. Imagine all the things that you will do to him to ease his dense discontent, especially once you get him all soaped up and ready.

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