Behind My Commentary

Here is one of the main characters from my sequel named Baja Clavius: A Blood Moon Rising. This character’s name is Thomas Burke. He is the director of the top-secret time travel agency situated on the moon beneath the crater Clavius. The sequel follows my original illustrated novel known as Baja Clavius. Learn more at the Baja Clavius website.

Main Character from Baja Clavius: A Blood Moon Rising

I portray Black men in my works on a consistent basis. I am white.

So, why do I depict Black men so favorably?

I emphasize men of various races whenever I get the opportunity to do so because I believe such an emphasis helps reshape how we all look at ourselves compared to others.

If you’re thinking “I prefer white guys” when you see the images of the Baja Clavius characters, your are incorrect in how you express yourself.

You can correctly say “I prefer Pepperoni pizza and dislike all the rest.” But, whenever you say “I prefer white guys,” you are expressing to the world one simple truth: YOU ARE BEING RACIST.

If you do not prefer to read queer sci-fi stories or view images of gay male characters who are other than all-white, I am asking you to leave right now.

I choose diversity and inclusion. This means I do not hang out with people who are racists or who exhibit racist behaviors or speech.

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