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Losing the balls is intensely psychological.
Even as a bottom, it felt hard losing the status of being a male.
It was even harder adapting after loss of the penis.
The spectrum of adaptation is broad.
I chose to increase by body building and large tattoos.
Former military, so never contemplated being passive.


Congratulations to M.Desouza. Top drawing. The erect cock on the right hand figure is true to bara as he threatens the balls and cock of the man being hoisted.


Claiming another man’s cock, balls or both consummates the demise of the defeated. Your images capture well that powerfully erotic borderline between alpha existence and nutted loser. It’s very fitting that many of the emasculations are depicted in tandem with an execution. In essence the dominated male has ceased to exist when his manhood is destroyed. Liberating a former stud’s now useless sexmeat from his corpse is a means of celebrating the masculine superiority of the killer/rapist/castrator. The final purpose of the severed nutsac is to serve as a trophy that attests to the ultimate superiority of one man over another. Taking a man’s balls celebrates the masculine prowess of the alpha male. Thanks for celebrating that masculinity in fantasy and art.

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