The Selfie Way

The word selfie may beĀ  contemporary but the concept dates back many centuries before the camera was invented. Artists who depict themselves within their own visual works do so stemming from longstanding traditions known worldwide.

Spanish surreal artist Salvador Dali (1904 – 1989) influenced me beyond measure in this. A stunning Daliesque digtal image by Christina- Antoinette Neofotistu deserves high praise for capturing how Dali put himself into his works.

Salvadore Dali autosodomized by his own inspiration
I believe I have mastered the selfie way of inserting myself into my original images. Here I depict myself nude. Does this represent power or vulnerability? The object of my character's affection is a shirtless young man with a purposeful left hand.
Inserting myself into my visual works is something I regularly do. A recent example is entitled "Reflections."

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