The Power of Men Touching Men

One photographer’s compelling black and white images of men touching men appeared a few years ago within the pages of The Advocate. For the February 2020 Secret Stash, I offer an update to that visual  discussion with a generous uncensored collection of my own full-color  photorealistic images.

Go here now:

I feel very strongly about this subject. I  was socialized (brainwashed) in the days of my youth during a long-ago  and unenlightened era when the prevailing standards of masculinity were  not like we see today. It was frowned upon by polite society in those  days for any man to touch another man except, of course, within specific  situations involving competitive sports or warfare.

Back in the  day, if you were male and you touched another male for reasons not  connected to designated athletic or military activities, doing so would  stand as powerful proof positive that you were a deviant. Eventually, I  grew up to embrace the reality that I was born to be a deviant.  Validation of my progress in self-acceptance stands today in a  collection of my masculine male images appearing on a public website  proudly named Deviant Art.

I invite you to enjoy the February 2020 Secret Stash:

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