The Death Game

If somehow you could find the unpublished coordinates, you can watch dead guys on reality television anywhere in the world. The Death Game is transmitted worldwide on a notorious secret satellite feed from a container cargo ship sailing in international waters. Aggressive male behaviors are unbounded by anyone’s laws or norms from the protective secrecy of the ship as it moves to undisclosed destinations upon the immense South Pacific Ocean west of Chile.
The competition features two men facing each other in violent challenges until one kills the other. A generous collection of image files and the full stories in text from The Death Game (two seasons, 2017 and 2019) are available for purchase from this web page at a very low cost. Here are uncensored samples of the available images from both seasons:

Scene from “The Death Game: Season Two”
Scene from “The Death Game: Season Two”

Season One

available for downloading for only $4

Season Two

available for downloading for only $4.

Season Three

coming in 2020


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2 thoughts on “The Death Game”

    Your stories and images of men’s deaths really make me so hard. I cannot stop looking at these again and again.