April 2020 Update from Madeira Desouza

What happened when I confined myself to quarters–trapped and unable to escape–for going on 30+ days in the fight against the infectious coronavirus?

I immersed myself in creating an original illustrated bara horror story I call “Beast.” Two oversexed young men confined against their will on a private nude beach are tormented by a gigantic, angry and violent creature.

In these challenging times, I am especially grateful to all of you who follow my digital art! Move in very tight now (no six feet between you and the next guy) so you can view “Beast” in the April 2020 edition of my Secret Stash series.

Go there now:


But, wait! There’s more… 

Studio 9999 Las Vegas

A young stud finds himself victimized by an obscure artist inside Studio 9999 Las Vegas.

For many weeks now you’ve had a lot of unexpected time on your hands. You really need proper distraction so you won’t have to think about real life all day long. This is why starting this month (April 2020) I’m giving everybody free access into my edgy bara horror series Studio 9999 Las Vegas from now on. This always-free access to Studio 9999 Las Vegas is my way of saying thank you to all who keep following me and my creative works. I hope you’ll accept the very twisted ways I provide to you to keep yourself distracted while you keep yourself isolated from others to fight back against the infectious coronavirus. 

FREE ACCESS NOW FOR EVERYONE:  http://usmachozone.com/studio-9999/

 A handsome young bartender accepts payment from an obscure artist to walk into Studio 9999 Las Vegas and is never seen again by anyone.

FREE ACCESS NOW FOR EVERYONE: http://usmachozone.com/studio-9999/

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