Fuck the Cello Player

I created the cello player character after I saw a music video from a folk-bluegrass band from Saskatchewan. I immediately felt an attraction to one of the founding members of the band. Here is the true story of how this digital version of the cello player from Canada became one of my most-frequently depicted male characters.
I made him the centerpiece of my Death Game illustrated stories.

From time to time this artist puts himself into his visual works. The theme of this particular series of digital art images featuring the artist in scenes with the cello player character is expressed using sarcasm—what a man needs from another man:

You get the cello player’s full attention in bed by grabbing his balls. That makes him erect and proves to him clearly what what you want from him.

The cello player reciprocates by grabbing your balls. He sure is good with his hands. He shows you he is ready for what comes next.

What you have been waiting for: You fuck the cello player. He shoots in response. You both are very happy now.

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