Hercules: An Ancient Greek Fantasy

Hercules from Greek mythology is well-known around the world today, especially to those who fantasize over such an eternal masculine icon. His likeness appears in classical works of art, sculptures, statues, and even in a Disney animated musical.

This featured image shows a dignified painting by Spanish artist Francisco de Zurbarán from the 16th century capturing the fabled fight between Hercules and Antaeus. Spoiler Alert: Hercules lifts Antaeus off the ground and crushes him to death in mid-air.

Five centuries after Zurbarán, I create bara gay male art (see full collection at this website) and I have depicted a radically sexualized version reimagning what happens when Hercules dominates Antaeus: 

Hercules dominates Antaeus

And here are previously unpublished versions of that same scene with an alternate  Antaeus first getting dominated and then fucked by Hercules:


Hercules dominates Antaeus (alternate version)
Hercules fucks Antaeus
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