July 2020 “Secret Stash” is the Last

Back in August 2018 Las Vegas artist Madeira Desouza created his “Secret Stash” containing exclusive images and text only available to his Patreon patrons. During July 2020 Patreon attempted to censor the art of Madeira Desouza, so he had to stop using Patreon completely.  All of Madeira Desouza’s 24 “Secret Stash” pages are available free here at this website. However, no new “Secret Stash” pages will be produced due to severing the relationship with Patreon.

Visit https://usmachozone.com/secret-stash/ to see all 24 months free of charge.

What’s in the July 2020 “Secret Stash”???

Madeira Desouza says, “This month’s ‘Secret Stash’ was inspired by a question I recently was asked”

I’d like to ask about a recurring detail in your art. I’m curious about the appeal of the cowboy hat.

It’s a rather distinctive detail that pops up on the heads of hunky studs who are being crucified or hanged, for example, and who may very well be wearing nothing else at all.

Does the hat have any particular associations or meaning for you, or does it hold a certain fetish value? Is there are any real-life/historical examples or events that mesh with your fantasies or possibly trigger them? Or does your fantasy macho zone exist completely distinct from the real world?

Explore the July 2020 “Secret Stash” feature right now:


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