Bara Gay Male Art: Manly Men

When I create bara gay male art, a basic requirement is to start with male characters who appear to the viewer to be manly. Characters need to look like masculine men and I think they also need to be depicted in a scene showing behaviors that viewers might expect from manly men.

Here you see a new character created by me during August 2020. If this guy were a real person in our physical world, you might expect to see him as an actor appearing in movies in military roles. He is tall and has a clear confident look on his face. These traits convey an unmistakable sense of male physical strength and leadership credibility. This guy likely would be expected to succeed in military or business operations involving command responsibilities.

In my bara imagery and storytelling viewers have come to expect to see a character like this guy as a man who is sexually dominant over other men. He has never been intimate with any female, of course. What would be the point of those behaviors for him? He is strictly male-oriented in what drives his sexual behaviors. Strip him down so you can observe for yourself his thick cock is worthy of servicing by any man’s mouth. It’s easy to imagine how good his manhood would taste!

Since he is a manly man, you would expect this guy to be treated by other highly masculine men with sincere affection and respect. The well-known knuckles-to-the-nuts greeting is a demonstration of affection, of course, from highly masculine men who are totally confident in themselves and their manliness.

In my bara storytelling and imagery an important distinction is that I show masculine men who have vulnerabilities. It gets fun to watch when even the most manly guy—a proven leader of men—nonetheless gets overtaken and fucked by a more dominant male.

And, it’s vitally important to the storytelling that I show how how this character responds to the experiences brought on by vulnerability. Even while his mind may be incapable of processing any of what happens to him, his body enjoyed what he felt.

His story ends suddenly. After getting fucked, he realized he would not survive this experience. Large hands around his neck deprived his brain of oxygen and quickly fractured vertebrae in his neck, ending him.

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