Forced into Sex Slavery

He could not remember how he got here—naked, wrists tied behind his back and a noose around his neck.

The big guy knew he was just moments away from feeling that sharp knife slicing off his swollen cock and bulging balls. Would he bleed to death or asphyxiate from the noose around his neck? Which would be the quickest? These terrible options prompted him to accept the bearded man’s deal: The ropes all would be taken away and his life would be spared if only he surrendered himself and became a sex slave.

The obvious choice was first to save himself no matter what. The bearded man laughed as held his large knife as a reminder of what could happen next.

Surrendering to sex slavery saved his life. He accepted that he was no longer the one who controlled his own body as he swallowed his pride and the bearded man’s juices.

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