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The Fantasy Men Kingdom is pleased to present storytelling about characters and situations of men in peril exclusively for men who are attracted to men. Access to all the stories posted in this section of this website is 100% free. Here you will find stories which contain extreme violence, death, willing and/or unwilling man-on-man sexual… Continue reading Storytelling


author: Madeira Desouza There once was a website called Katharsis. The word (spelled with the letter “k”) comes from Greek, κάθαρσις. The definition is “purification” or “cleansing” or “clarification” in the specific context of a healthy release by setting free one’s emotional or psychological and physical tensions. The Man Who Created Katharsis In the late… Continue reading Katharsis

Characters for Fantasies

No matter what you may imagine sexually about men, your once-private thoughts and secret desires will be realized in explicitly illustrated and uncensored custom fantasies to satisfy your needs like never before. I open up an entire kingdom to you. That kingdom is not a physical place; it’s a virtual realm you visit online using… Continue reading Characters for Fantasies