Bara Gay Male Art: The Look on His Face

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What to look for: You should evaluate for yourself what type of man you see depicted by an artist within this genre. Does the man look strong? Does he also look vulnerable? Does his expression convey his fears or does he conceal his feelings? What does his physical appearance (muscles, physical health, etc.) tell you about him? Can you imagine yourself being in the situation or scenario that you see him in? Are you aware of the historical or cultural origins of the depictions you are viewing?

Worth collecting?: Is there a street value of this particular art? Is the art mainly available in galleries or museums? Is the art accessible to you where you live other than online?

What are your feelings when viewing this art?: What emotional responses do you have when you see a particular visual work? Do you find what you see arousing? What were you expecting to feel when you approached this art? What meanings do you assign to what you see depicted?


The Look on His Face

It's one thing for a photographer during a photo shoot to talk to a human posed for the camera to bring about the desired facial expression. For a digital artist the work is far more difficult. The arist has no human posing at all and there is no camera. Creating a believable look on the face of a male character in bara gay male art is not easy because everything rides on the artist's levels of skills and talents.

Illustration by Albron

Bara gay male art gains credibility and persuasive power only if the viewer accepts the look on the face of a character in an image as authentic and realistic.

Illustration by Anteros

The artist succeeds or fails based upon how well the viewer is provided with a sufficiently high level of realism, especially considering the faces of the characters. This is because the mind of the viewer prcoesses what's shown in digital art differently compared to how the mind works with what's shown in photographs of actual human subjects. The viewer certainly knows what's depicted in digital art is invented or imaginary and is not a genuine photograph that captures a moment in time. However, the viewer always must suspend disblief and accept what's shown in digital art as credible and emotionally moving.

Illustration by McPhee
Illustration by Ulf
Illustration by Yolco

Every digital artist has a fundamental job: No matter what else they may choose to depict in an image, they must create expressions on the faces of male characters which directly evoke specific emotions for the viewer to experience.

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Disclaimer: As guided by section 107 of the US Copyright Law, here you will find images which have not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner for posting. Images are made available in particular for instructional and educational purposes to train or coach or mentor viewers regarding the available ways for creating visual art. Specifically, images are presented to explain and evaluate or critique issues, procedures and techniques evident in the work of artists so that viewers will be encouraged to express themselves by creating their own visual works.

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