US Bara Fantasies: January

I created this on January 1, 2020. This is an unfinished image. I was going for a quick comparison of 3 naked men in the scene together. I did not complete a storytelling situation for them, however.
I create so much content that I need a quick way of keeping track of my work. To each image I give a file name that starts with hashtag and a three-letter abbreviation for the month. For example, #jan is for the month of January. The file name always includes a quick date reference as in 010120 and (if needed) a time stamp such as 1700 which stands for 5:00 pm. When I release the image for public viewing I often rename the image so that it has a more convenient text name that’s easier for the viewer to understand.
Another work in progress. A new character. #jan-010320-0922. He is attractively masculine with thick, large hands. His cock and balls invite longing gazes. He has an engaging friendly expression on his face.

A third January 2020 creation is this new character. I have yet to create a story involving him. But the expression on his manly face suggests he is ready for sex action.


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