Characters for Fantasies

No matter what you may imagine sexually about men, your once-private thoughts and secret desires will be realized in explicitly illustrated and uncensored custom fantasies to satisfy your needs like never before.

I open up an entire kingdom to you. That kingdom is not a physical place; it’s a virtual realm you visit online using the power of your mind. Fantasy men are revealed to you here in posts at this website explicitly and without censoring anything from you.
If you don’t see exactly what you like depicted on the pages of this website, get in touch with me by email. Let me know simply and in your own words what fantasy you would like me to produce for you with a character of mine of your choosing. Perhaps multiple characters will get you even more excited.

Source Photo and Character Face

In order for me to complete this kind of work, the source color photograph that you provide to me before I get started working must be a close-up of the face of a man from the neck up, without any shadows or other visual elements covering any part of his face. Look at this example of a source photo and a resulting character face:

The production process working from the source color photograph results in a strong resemblance for a character, but not necessarily a mirror image match of the face from the source photo. The most dependable way to get a mirror image of your face is to pay a professional photographer to create a precise image of you. I offer you something quite different and more appealing—a commissioned illustrated fantasy for you showing you interacting with multiple characters in a fantasy situation of your description. Only a photography session costing you several thousand dollars could ever accomplish that for you.
A character’s hair does not carry over from a source photo. However, I can add almost any hair style and color that you request.

Posted Price for One Image

The posted price for one image featuring a fantasy man that I customize for you based on your specs is just $99. Returning customers and members of Scaffies get a 50% discount.

Here is one recent example: A Hercules fantasy theme exploring how it feels for a man to be dominated by an ancient Greek legend.

Another recent example: A cock and balls torture fantasy showing a young man discovering pleasures of pain. The original fantasy man character I created on request started with a source photograph of a actual young man’s face.

Character Based on a Photograph

I produce customized male images that are adapted from a digital photograph—a close-up of a man’s face. I work exclusively using male characters and photographs. If you wish, you can choose to send me a close-up photo of the man you see in the mirror (yourself). This custom work that I do will end up featuring a particular man’s face in your custom image.


Maybe you want a gay adult video performer to be inserted into an image showing you doing terribly harsh things to him just for your stimulation:

You may get off savoring your own private totally nude rendition of a hot Hollywood actor for whom you feel lust:

Perhaps you saw a science fiction television character that made you imagine seeing him stripped and all cocky right there in front of you:

Multiple Images to Tell a Story

You may prefer an extra-special bonus: I can produce sequential images (like in graphic novels and comics) to unveil a story that you specify. You get 12 images which each have text included to propel the narrative flow:

Posted Price for Multiple Images Story

The posted price for 12 sequential images that together tell a story of your fantasy is $250. Returning customers and members of Scaffies get a 50% discount.

How to Get Started

Send me email at to let me know what you would like for your exciting customized fantasy. I will respond by sending you the simple details about what I need to produce this work for you. Ask me about any unpublished discounts so you can save even more money. Don’t delay the pleasures of exploring your private fantasies! Email me today.

author and artist: Madeira Desouza