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This website is within a large classification of websites depicting personal behaviors and sexual activities of masculine males. Many other sites explore the visual works of known and obscure underground artists from around the world.

The content and themes you will see on the sites listed may contain content such as gay domination, gay bondage, hardcore gay BDSM fetish, and, gay sex.

I personally have visited each and every one of these sites. I carefully curate this list of links and update it regularly.

If you like my particular illustrations and stories, and you also are curious about what else is out there online that has related content and themes concerning sexual activities of masculine men, this list of sites likely will please you.

I do not always agree with the views expressed on other people’s sites, nor do I personally find all the images attractive that are posted there. You should visit the sites, and then decide for yourself whether you like or dislike what you see.

Over time as gay men we have learned that there is no such thing as one, singular gay male way of thinking or feeling about other men. So, we should not expect all websites intended for us gay male adults can be equally satisfying to all of us.

Alvarez, Ismael — An amazingly talented artist

Anti-Heroes — Highly masculine illustrations of sexy males

AZM51TES2012 — Jérôme Pina is a muscular young man who knows exactly how to be captured in images that captivate his audience with surrealistic, homoerotic power

Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside — science fiction time travel adventures for gay men written and illustrated by Madeira Desouza

Bastille — Explicit art of Bastille (1929-1990)

Belasco — Masculine male comix

Black Dirty Bear — Italian and English language website for those who enjoy extreme gay erotica

Blondbear — Prolific digital illustrator who emphasizes naked masculine males

Bondageskin — Digital illustrator from Germany who depicted masculine men in hangings with rope, and, crucifixions

Bound Gods — Male bondage sex site

Boundex Art — Male artist who specializes in depicting men in bondage situations

Carcel, Mike — Prolific American artist whose extreme themes explore male-on-male torture and executions

The Art of Nickie Charles — Adventures in the bara and non-bara world

Chris Muscle Art — Artist from Poland whose drawings of exaggerated masculinity are irresistible

Daddy’s Poser Art — Although incorrectly named after one particular software app, this is a worthwhile collection of the work of digital illustrators who create sexually explicit images of males for gay adult men

Depictions of Death — Digital illustrations depicting males in scenes of death and dying

Desouza Downloads — Download picture eBooks from Gumroad by Madeira Desouza

Desouza on Amazon — Explore the works of storyteller Madeira Desouza on Amazon

Desouza on LinkedIn — Join Madeira Desouza’s network on LinkedIn

Desouza on Twitter — Madeira Desouza posts on Twitter regularly

Deviant Art — Madeira Desouza’s digital art on display at the Deviant Art website

Ephorox Uncensored — Muscular, masculine men illustrations

Etienne — Dom Orejudos (1933 – 1991) was a significantly influential and pioneering gay male artist, who drew unforgettably masculine men in memorable situations

Fillion, Patrick — Famous gay comic artist displays his stunning talents

Greasetank — (1951 – 2008) Controversial digital illustrator from Texas whose works will shock you

Hasegawa — (1945 – 1999) Highly influential gay male artist from Japan with troubling visions of masculine men

Heroic Homosex — Man-on-man sexual connection without penetration. The message and the tone is exclusionary and shows prejudice against some gay men. Very similar thinking is found at — Website name is spelled with a zero, not the letter “O” and expresses a strong sexual attraction to masculine men but also is exclusionary and advocates prejudice against gay men

The Hun — American artist who died in 2019 demonstrated an unforgettably unique perspective on masculine men and their behaviors

Kalabro Art Blog — Artist fascinated with men, muscles, S&M, bondage

Kirwan Arts — Famous line drawings of men by Michael Kirwan for a gay adult male audience

Logan — Extreme masculine male comic book style art

Malex — Line drawings depicting torture and executions of helpless males

Pinterest — Designated Pinterest site for followers of Madeira Desouza

Rusty McPhee — Digital illustrator from the UK whose highly masculine male images may prove to be addictive

Metalbond NYC — Hot website dedicated to exploring the subject of the physically restrained male

Mitchmen — Artist devoted to honoring the beauty of the masculine male form

MSSF: Art of Muscle — Digital illustrations featuring older and muscular males

Olaf — (1938 – 1977) Olaf Odegaard, who specialized in black-and-white line drawings of masculine men

POW Fiction — Gay S&M stories

Quaintance — (1902 – 1957) highly influential gay adult male artist, George Quaintance

Scaffies — International community from the Netherlands for men who are CBT devotees

Shuring, Ad — This website by Ad Shuring from Holland is a treasure for gay adult males

Simonson, Douglas — US artist formerly in Hawaii who draws classic male masculinity feature Asians and other Pacific Rim males

Smith, Ira C. — Erotic artist who specializes in black-and-white line drawings

Tagame — Famous Japanese artist whose controversial works are both extremely violent and sexually explicit

Tam’s Art — Masculine male line drawings and erotic fantasies

Telemachus — Digital illustrator who presents masculine men in peril and pain

Tom of Finland — (1920 – 1991) He is arguably the most famous gay adult male artist of all time

Ulf Raynor — Blog with illustrations and commentaries by the incomparable Ulf Raynor from the United States

Ward, Bill — Famous artist in Drummer magazine whose black-and-white line drawings of highly masculine men are classics

Warriors — Sexualized images of warriors through the ages

Woo Dun — Masculine men vividly depicted by artist Woo Dun

YouTube — Madeira Desouza’s YouTube channel

Zack Art — Zack (a.k.a Oliver Frey) a professional illustrator who produces thrilling visual works depicting masculine men

If you would like me to add a link to your website, contact me.
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