Underground Gay Male Art

Similar to Etienne, Greasetank, Hasegawa and Tagame. What you can expect at this website are erotic stylized masculine men with high sexual energy. You will see men in peril and danger unable to save themselves. Images and stories at this website emphasize the masculine man type of looks and behaviors.

You will see men here who display defined muscles and bodies as do actual men out there who are in top-notch physical shape and good health. Such traits are among the top most desirable attributes recognized internationally as identifying masculine or manly men. Such men are known to be desirable because of their manliness. One word that captures all of this is macho.

Throughout all of human civilization across multiple languages and cultures several core themes spelled out on this website appear consistently in storytelling and in art indicating a certain thinking of macho men happens quite frequently. See similar sites.

Hosted by Madeira Desouza: Who is this artist and storyteller in Las Vegas with the unusual name? The truth is right here. Read More.

Naive young men at a disadvantage: These guys accept an obscure artist’s invitation and his money. They willingly walk into an odd art studio in Las Vegas. They are never seen again in the outside world. Read More.

Kicking him in the balls does not show how much you love him: Discover the dark underground art genre originally from Japan called bara. It is NOT where you will find lovey-dovey, plain vanilla, hearts-and-flowers expressions of endearing love between men. It is more realistic than all that. Read More.

Male death fetish: Not for the faint of heart. Is it a game? Is it real? Here we dig deep into the inner workings of this centuries-old male fetish to which many men don’t want to admit they are attracted. Read More.

Capture and torture him: Stories that probe taboo secrets of men in peril. They are tortured for reasons and purposes unknown to them. Yet, they suffer greatly and often die. Read More.

Classic masculinity lives on in today’s world: Is masculinity “toxic” as some women want you to believe? No way. Masculinity is a natural trait that for generations has been linked to being male. Read More.

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