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Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside from Madeira Desouza

Ted Avila is born in Arizona in the year 2162. He works on the moon for the large international quasi-military organization MMDI (nicknamed Moon Men Deep Inside.) He writes a personal log in which he says he considers himself a repairman. But Ted does not fix washing machines or vacuum cleaners or car engines. His job is to make corrections in timelines in the past on Earth. He relies upon MMDI choices for how exactly he shall change the past to bring about a future that MMDI believes “is supposed to be.” He starts to experience lapses in his memory.
He is sent on missions in a time machine to Bullhead, Arizona in the 1990s from a 23rd century lunar base beneath the crater Clavius.


On one mission to the 1990s Ted encounters Vincent Wauneka, a native-born Navajo, moments before the man’s death in a ritualistic hanging in the Arizona desert. But, Vincent Wauneka does not die from being hanged because of a secret. Ted enlists the man’s help to find answers as to the motives behind the time travel agency’s efforts to alter timelines.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Set in a near-future society a few hundred years from today, Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside transports you to a world where gay men are valued for the work they do to save our species by changing events in the past, even though their sexual behaviors definitely would be considered immoral and illegal in the real world in which we live. Here you get plunged into a universe in which there is no almighty creator who intervenes in the lives of human beings on planet Earth. Time travel makes it literally possible to resurrect from the dead. So, of course, a new religion must be created to fill humanity’s needs.




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