Secret Stash 14 September 2019

Secret Stash #14

September 1, 2019 | Las Vegas, Nevada

Secret Stash Feature for September 2019

No One Will Be Watching Us

An illustrated story I wrote for September 2019’s Secret Stash:
The utterly simple concept—a contract revenge—exploded in popularity far beyond the wildest expectations of the entrepreneurs who conceived of this. It starts when you pinpoint a man of your choice upon whom you want to exact revenge (the reason is unimportant), pay the extraordinarily high fees, sign away all your legal rights, and then the man you chose is captured. He is taken to a highly secure waterfront casino resort outside the jurisdiction of the United States. He is never told anything about why he has been captured and held or who is responsible. He must wait to find all that out.

When he sees you walking up to the waterfront staging area where he is restrained, the look on his face tells you he instantly knows why he is here. You never have to explain anything to him. All you need to do is walk up to the cement posts where his hands and feet are attached in leather cuffs forcing him to stand in a totally vulnerable position.

A man who is held captive in this way usually starts by apologizing, especially when he becomes aware that he can neither defend himself nor prevent the outcome that he wholeheartedly believes awaits him. You merely stand silently near him clenching your fist by his his unprotected manhood. You expect that he can feel the warmth of your hand next to his cock and balls. You just smile at him without any need to speak to him at all.

One need you do feel is very clear: You must establish very directly that you control him. This outcome you conclude can best be accomplished by a series of unrestrained kicks with your size XL boots squarely into his groin. He screams in humiliation and pain just like you hoped he would.

And then, following the resort’s printed sheet of guideline you were required to memorize before you walked out onto the grounds to meet him, you talk to him freely and openly at last. Now you have nothing at all to hold back from him. You can be kind. You can be cruel. Nothing matters. Talk about why you are taking revenge against him. Or, say nothing about that and let his mind race to figure out what he might possibly have done to anger you so. Nothing he says to you matters. You know what you are going to do to him. You are crystal clear about that.

Grabbing his cock and balls makes a very unmistakable statement that he cannot misinterpret. You can talk sweetly to him if you wish as if you are teasing him, coaxing him. Or, you can use an aggressive tone of voice that aligns with your squeezing his nuts tightly.

He doesn’t expect that you will make him feel as good as you do. He resists your relentless manhandling for a short while. But, you know he is helpless. He knows he is helpless. You both know sooner or later he will shoot his load under your total control. And he does exactly like you hoped he would.

He surrenders completely to your ownership of him when you fuck him very rough from behind. You can repeat this step as many times as you choose. He should not be permitted to ejaculate again. Following your memorized guidelines, you tightly grab onto his cock while you plunge into him and empty yourself into him without holding anything back.

You tell him he is permitted to say any last words he wants. This makes him very afraid. But before he can speak, you tightly tie a thick cloth gag around his head blocking his mouth.

You squeeze his nostrils carefully with just two fingers just like you learned from the printed guidelines. This will shock him. With his hands bound above his head, he already was having extreme difficult breathing normally. Now he descends into an inevitable and uncontrollable panic as you deprive him of air so effortlessly. He struggles to gasp the delicious waterfront air all around you both. Now he is completely yours. At no other time or place have you ever felt such complete dominance over another man.

He coughs and quickly lapses out of consciousness. You grab and pull on the hair on the back of his head to keep him facing you. This is so you can make your final statement to him, expressing with your words whatever you have not already conveyed physically to him

You can remove and discard the cloth gag because it serves no purpose any longer. His muscular body remains held in position like the letter “X” but his neck and head drop forward. You have taken his life. You savor that realization, which is, as promised, a singularly unique moment in your life.

The resort staff carefully removes him from his death position. This makes possible the full impalement of his body from stem to stern. Once he is suspended on a steel rod between two strategically tilted cement posts, you are afforded unlimited access to him and no one will be watching.

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