Secret Stash 18 January 2020

Secret Stash #18

January 4, 2020 | Las Vegas, Nevada

Secret Stash Feature
for January 2020

Alpha Males


Let me start by expressing my hopes for the very best for you throughout 2020. Choose to make this year everything you can make it.

For the January 2020 Secret Stash, the theme I selected is alpha males. As you know, I’m an artist and storyteller who creates characters that “look the part” and this means depicting characters with:

  • a confident expression
  • full lips
  • beefy torso
  • thick, long fingers
  • strong legs
  • large feet, wide toes
  • a scene worth seeing

I have collected examples of my alpha male images spanning several years:

There is, of course, much more to alpha males than simply outward appearances. The scene must demonstrate the alpha male’s belief in himself that leads to his exuding both confidence and a sizable presence.

He stands out as ready for whatever may happen to him and believes deep in his heart he will win against any competitor. He represents a genuine—not pretend—masculinity or manliness from the inside out. Merely putting on a cowboy hat, for example, does not transform a guy into an alpha male.


Alpha Male Illustrated Story:
What Happens Inside the Bunkhouse


A bunkhouse bully can always take his pick of any lesser cowboy.

The anticipation and fear on the young cowboy’s face as he is humiliated and raped provides entertainment to ward off boredom in the bunkhouse.

Surrendering and receiving alpha male juices is but one part of the process

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