Turn Me On, Dead Men 3

As I shot into him, I thought I felt something pop inside my skull. Suddenly, I couldn’t move.

My cock felt as hard as steel. I felt relieved. This simply was the strongest orgasm I had ever had. Immediately, I knew what I was experiencing was too good to be true.

When my lifeless, unresponsive body was shoved out of bed by the man I had just fucked, 225 pounds of young dead meat, blood, and bones suddenly crashed to the floor. He was aroused when he knelt down to look closely at my full erection that had not faded when my life ended so unexpectedly without any warning.

What do I remember? Not much. I did not think about the guy again. I did not think about how he must have felt with me dying while fucking him. I remember becoming aware that I was naked in a large room with few colors—mostly shades of white. I remember being aware that I was dead.

Yet I discovered being dead had not ended my ability to feel emotions and physical sensations like living humans feel. My expectations were violated as far as what my death would feel to me. I never expected to have my life ended so soon. I only lived 21 years.

A high priority for me was to test whether my body still worked like I remember it did. Wanking proves to me that my cock and balls work better than ever. Compared to what I remember from when I was a mortal man, I no longer have limits on how often I shoot my load. Yet, I felt like something was wrong.

I figured it out. I was very lonely being here by myself. As I thought about my loneliness, my mind somehow created a second dead guy who looks exactly like me. He will be with me so I will never be alone. And his mind somehow created a third dead guy who looks exactly like us. He will be with us so we will never be lonely.

The three of us somehow have the same insatiable desire for sexual activity that involves us together. This is fueled by our discovery that as dead men we have a newfound capacity for unlimited ejaculations.

To spice things up, we are as rough as we like to be with each other. No limits. We are already dead. Being rough does not hurt. It only arouses us further. There are no concerns or consequences to constrain our behaviors. Without the fear of death, we have nothing to hold us back for doing whatever we want to do with each other.

We laugh at ourselves for being dead men. We pretend to be alive and that we were just recently killed. Just for the fun of pretending to die. We form a stack of young dead men. Doing so always makes us quickly aroused.

The End Forever and Ever


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An expanded and enlarged illustrated story as a PDF eBook entitled “Turn Me On Boogeyman” is now available. Here you can spend quality time with the dead bouncer in the afterlife:

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I very much appreciate that this site and the body of Madeira Desouza art acknowledge the eroticism of dead guys. It’s a dark corner of the fetish world that a lot of us share but that not many are comfortable expressing. The playful way the theme of male death is handled in the story “Turn Me On, Dead Men” is refreshing, sexy and fun. The muscular prowess of the main character would normally be forfeited if he was killed, but in this realm it can be amplified through the creation of replicant dead dudes who use their muscles to fight each other (even fight to the death – again). The last image of a pile of dead studs is beautifully intimate (as are actual photos of war dead lying atop one another, or descriptions of ancient gladiators who have been slain and stacked in the Roman spoliarium.) While women give life, warrior males destroy it. They accept, even celebrate their own fate as battle fodder. The intimacy of guys rough-fucking falls in the same caliber as the physicality of man-to-man combat, and it is repeated a final time as they lie together, beautifully bonded in death.

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