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One thought on “Turn Me On, Dead Men 3”

  • x1 says:

    I very much appreciate that this site and the body of Madeira Desouza art acknowledge the eroticism of dead guys. It’s a dark corner of the fetish world that a lot of us share but that not many are comfortable expressing. The playful way the theme of male death is handled in the story “Turn Me On, Dead Men” is refreshing, sexy and fun. The muscular prowess of the main character would normally be forfeited if he was killed, but in this realm it can be amplified through the creation of replicant dead dudes who use their muscles to fight each other (even fight to the death – again). The last image of a pile of dead studs is beautifully intimate (as are actual photos of war dead lying atop one another, or descriptions of ancient gladiators who have been slain and stacked in the Roman spoliarium.) While women give life, warrior males destroy it. They accept, even celebrate their own fate as battle fodder. The intimacy of guys rough-fucking falls in the same caliber as the physicality of man-to-man combat, and it is repeated a final time as they lie together, beautifully bonded in death.

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