Secret Stash 21 April 2020

Secret Stash #21

April 14, 2020 | Las Vegas, Nevada

Secret Stash Feature
for April 2020


What happened when I confined myself to quarters—trapped and unable to escape—for 30+ days now in the continuing fight against the infectious coronavirus?

I immersed myself in creating an original illustrated bara horror story I call “Beast.”  Two oversexed young men confined against their will on a private nude beach are unmercifully tormented by a gigantic, angry and violent creature.

In these challenging times, I wish you the very best of good health. Do all you can to prevent the spread of this virus. At this time I also want you to know I am especially grateful to all of you who are my loyal followers and supporters. Time now to view “Beast” (a gallery of 32 images with text) here in this April 2020 edition of my Secret Stash series. You may also find it convenient to download “Beast” as a PDF (32 pages.)

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“Beast” is a contemporary version of Surrealism. The artist is inspired by dreams and fantasies. The story explores imagination, unconscious and conscious themes. All in all it is a positive expression of two hunks stranded together encountering a beast. Pay particular attention to the last two images. Wow!

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