Secret Stash 22 May 2020

Secret Stash #22

May 7, 2020 | Las Vegas, Nevada

Secret Stash Feature for May 2020

Theme: “How I Make a Man”

Las Vegas News First

I am continuing to confine myself to quarters here in Las Vegas, Nevada—what used to be a very fun place to live and work. Gone are the days when visitors flew in or drove in to Las Vegas to escape from reality and just forget about life for a few days. My self-confinement has now reached beyond 50 consecutive days. Let me assure you, it is not fun at all to live like this.

The fight I’m waging (along with my life partner and husband, Samuel Glass) against the highly infectious virus is simple enough: We stay home. We take medical science seriously. We do not believe in conspiracies that abound about how this all is faked specifically to manipulate U.S. citizens with fear tactics.

Sam and I (like millions of other fellow Americans) have minimized or eliminated unprotected face-to-face contact with other human beings. We are directly helping save our own lives by minimizing or eliminating the opportunities for us to get infected by the highly contagious virus. It’s that simple. To anyone who disagrees with us and does not choose to focus on self-preservation, I say, “Good night and good luck,” as Edward R. Murrow used to say. What I mean by this salutation is: Go away. Stay away. Good luck to one and all. Try to stay alive somehow. You are endangering yourself by willingly having unprotected face-to-face contact with other human beings during a highly contagious virus..

Sam and I have chosen of our own accord to take care of ourselves by focusing upon medical science-based self-preservation. Even though we live in Las Vegas, we do not support a quick return to the way things were here before the highly contagious virus spread around the world. Las Vegas not so long ago lots of visitors flying in or driving in and choosing to be in very close face-to-face proximity with other human beings seeking fun in what was a Mojave Desert playground for adults. Some locals want to bring that way of life here in Las Vegas back as quickly as possible without a primary regard for medical science. The focus instead upon how the local economy has been ruined by the outcomes from this highly contagious virus.

My husband and I cannot know for certain whether we will get the highly contagious virus even as we take the precautions we choose to take. Neither of us is ready to increase our opportunities for unprotected face-to-face contact with other human beings here in Las Vegas because the highly contagious virus continues to be highly contagious and there yet are no vaccines or antiviral medications to stop the spread of this worldwide health crisis.

The Answer Is: Masturbation

I have taken steps to fight back against the highly contagious virus. I built a collection featuring a large choice of masturbation-oriented illustrated storytelling for men to stay home during the highly contagious and get themselves off every day. I invite you to take a look at that collection.

Featured Content for May 2020

However, it is time to get into the featured content here in Secret Stash for May 2020. I hope this theme will be fun for all of you to take a look at. I’m going to reveal far more about how I work to you visitors here in Secret Stash this month than I ever have before. You will gain new awareness of how I envision and produce the masculine male characters that I do for my unusual and compelling illustrated storytelling.

Video Demonstration (about 12 minutes): See How I Work

A Simple Enough Process

After working with the Digital Art Zone (DAZ) software app for a good many years now, I consider the creative process I use to be “simple enough” for what I need and want to accomplish. I won’t pretend that using this app is easy. Nor is it a fast process. There is a lot of waiting around for things to finish on the screen even though I have a fast computer and a decent video card. The app enables me to start with any photograph of a man’s face as I begin my creative work. Or I can choose from among many preconfigured faces of fictional male characters in the app already.


A preconfigured face or a newly-created face from an actual photograph is only the starting point. The app crunches the numbers, so to speak. The result is a first incarnation of a male character who shows up on the screen. Perhaps out of an abudance of modesty, that character magically appears wearing a muscle t-shirt and gym shorts.


I use the controls within the app to shape the character’s face so that the face has real-life depth and will not look “flat” like a cartoon face so often looks.


Next, unless I choose to have a bald character, I can add hair of many possible styles, lengths, and colors.

Then, I modify the physical traits of the character’s body. My emphasis is upon beefy male characters, so that’s the type of male I aim to create using the app.

You may be surprised to learn that I need to add and then adjust the character’s genitals (which do not come “standard” in this app.) I can choose any size and shape that I want. Oh, what power I have to make a man!


The character also needs to be posed. There is a generic starter pose he has with his arms slightly stretched out as you can see in the above image and in the second image, too.


Clothing is optional in the creation of digital illustrations. I have dressed this new character with big, manly boots and black denim jeans.


It’s not justifiable for me to leave the character “in the void” that you see behind him in the above image. So, I move the character into a virtual studio that has virtual lights hung floating weightlessly in the air. Actually, there is no air. He is not a real, living, breathing human being, so why does he need air?

An important next step is rendering. This is a term from the digital realm that defines how the software app processes all the math and geometry into what looks to the human eye like a picture. At this point in the process, the newly-created male character is three-dimensional (height, width, depth) who should look more or less looks photorealistic.


Sometimes I repeat the simple-enough process to add more characters into the scene standing in the virtual studio with the character I already created and posed there.


Using the same process I can create as many characters as I choose and place them all into a scene posed the way I want them to appear to the viewer. Here you see one character in the middle being restrained by two other characters in the scene.


I can zoom in on one aspect of a scene as the next image shows. You can see imperfections in the render on the blue jeans of the middle character. These problems with geometry are common in digital illustrations.


I have learned just to deal with such flaws in the app. Usually it is possible to rotate the virtual camera “looking at” the scene to conceal parts that I do not want to show. This kind of rotation of the virtual camera often affords some very visually appealing points of view such as this high-angle view looking down upon the characters from above. Usually I choose to rotate the scene so the viewer never sees the problems with geometry.


Next I present several renders to show you what the “finished product” looks like in terms of characters in scenes. The first two renders are color-corrected images featuring the new character I created as shown in the demonstration video:


These next renders are the beginnings of an as-yet unfinished illustrated story featuring cowboy behaviors in a bunkhouse:







Four Essential Elements of All the Men I Make

In all my illustrated storytelling I choose to be guided by four essential elements whenever I create the character traits for my masculine men:

  • Body Shape / Body Image
  • Body Pose
  • Face Structure
  • Facial Expressions

Here is a quick but revealing look at each of the elements I focus upon during my creation of characters for my visual works:

If you are mainly interested in seeing images of “ordinary men” or men who “look ordinary,” the work I do may not be suited for your tastes. This is because I focus on what makes men “extraordinary” and worthy of your time and attention. I am a surrealist, per se. This means I do not attempt to create literal realism when I choose how to make a character look.
However, I do sometimes depict men who “look ordinary” when the storytelling will be benefit from that particular choice in character traits.

The character below, for example, (from a previous Secret Stash feature) likely would be evaluated by most people as being “ordinary” especially due to the reality that he is above the ideal weight for a man’s his height. He is also is not not notably handsome. His genitals also look “ordinary” or typical for most men you meet.

When I put that “ordinary” character in the same scene next to a second character whose body is especially fit and muscular, you can immediately understand what kind of visual difference between the two I was attempting to create. That second man also is particularly good-looking and sports a large cock and big balls compared to the “ordinary” character.

Body Pose

How my custom-made men appear in a scene—the body pose they reveal—is vital to the credibility I insist upon for all my images. Here is an example of what I mean:


I intended for you, the viewer, to perceive of the two characters as being “playful” so that guided me in how I posed them both. Clothing often can be a key component of a scene depicted in an image. Usually the clothing has a connection to the pose.
In that image, the character on the left is only wearing underwear. That lack of clothing taken together with his pose embracing the second men is meant to suggest he is being “playful” using foreplay ahead of a likely sexual contact between the two men. I posed the man on his knees nonverbally to convey the meaning that he sees no reason to offer any resistance to the man who is making sexual advances upon him.

Face Structure

I invest considerable time and effort to create a character’s face structure so that his physical appearance from the neck up will mean something to you, the viewer. Here is an example:


The length of that character’s face is meant to convey strength and confidence. The same can be said of his bushy eyebrows and the depth of his eye sockets. His nose has a straight shape leading to large nostrils—traits frequently associated with men who look manly. And, his thick, masculine lips invite exploring, don’t you think?

Facial Expressions


These facial expressions are of military captives being tortured before execution. I believe that any of my characters’ faces can be made to look masculine. However, if I emphasize masculinity at the expense of concealing a character’s vulnerability, then the power of the image will be diluted. Whenever masculinity is combined in one character with vulnerability, a very powerful visual statement results. Here in these four images you can see evidence of the power in depicting a man’s masculinity with his vulnerability.

Let me provide a few more examples of the how facial expressions are vital to my creative works:





What you can expect from me is erotic stylized masculine men. They have a strong sexual energy when they deal with the perilous situations into which I place them.

The men I make have masculine man type of looks and behaviors. Such looks and behaviors are well-known worldwide regardless of local cultural variations. These types of men differ from depictions you can find elsewhere else—the so-called “real-life” men who may be skinny or overweight or who would never be recognized as being “handsome” or “good-looking” or “athletic” men.

You will see men here who display defined muscles and bodies as do actual men out there who are in top-notch physical shape and good health. Such traits are among the top most desirable attributes recognized internationally as identifying masculine or manly men. Such men also are known to be desirable because of their manliness.

A Huge Inventory of Male Characters

From 2007 to the present day I have created hundreds of male characters. This is only a sample of the huge inventory I now have:


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