Secret Stash 6 January 2019


Secret Stash #6

January 29, 2019 | Las Vegas, Nevada

originally distributed by email — adapted for this web page


Twisted Sci Fi Time Travel Adventure

For January 2019’s Secret Stash the main feature for you is very special. Some of you may have already seen my illustrated work entitled Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside. If not, that’s okay. You do not need to have seen it to enjoy what I’ve got for you here:

I am releasing a spinoff outside of the regular online distribution channels. Here I give all of you who have access to Secret Stash a totally free copy of this eBook.

Here’s What You Get:

The free download is a 25-page pdf that includes storytelling text and original full-color 3D digital art from me. Here’s a preview:

preview of download

This story is a way past the fringes of weird. It explores a little-known man-on-man sex ranch located not far from Las Vegas. Penis Envy Ranch is the name of this curious place in the Nevada desert. What goes on there is not like anything else on Earth. Literally.





Creating New Men

Secret Stash for January 2019 also gives you examples of my latest masculine men character creations—all new from the current month:



The Show Must Go On (Revisited)

In the December 2018 Secret Stash I posted this photograph taken way back in June 1996 in Washington, DC showing a younger version of me (left) with Sam Glass just after we first met.

Decades later he was hospitalized here in Las Vegas on Thanksgiving Day 2018 due to respiratory failure that doctors believe was from an allergic reaction to the blood pressure medication known as lisinopril. If you are on this particular prescription drug, I strongly suggest you talk to your doctor about switching to an alternative medication because lisinopril is known to bring serious risks that can lead to possibly fatal outcomes.

Sam suffered two cardiac arrests while in intensive care stemming from respiratory failure. The medical staff in the hospital’s intensive care unit successfully restarted his heart both times. He ultimately emerged from the comatose state he was in and does not show signs of lasting brain damage from the oxygen deprivation. Several medical professionals have marveled to me at how “miraculous” his recovery has been.

Happily, Sam is scheduled to be discharged from physical rehab this week and will be able to return to our home. He will continue to work on regaining his physical strength as we focus upon getting on with our lives together. Meanwhile, as I previously wrote, I choose to believe the show must go on with my writing and art no matter what else is true. Thank you all again for your ongoing support of me and my creative works. I am sincerely grateful to each of you!



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