Sexually-explicit stories are written by me, Madeira Desouza, and several other writers you may know about. Be aware that some stories posted here contain extreme violence or other controversial elements. Stories are mostly text only, but some also have illustrations. This storytelling content is intended for adults only. Read this commentary so you will understand the contexts of storytelling here at this website.
If you write stories within one or more of the eight themes listed below and would like your work to be considered for posting here, you are most welcome to email me at to let me know.
Stories are organized here in this section by keywords/themes. Click the keyword/theme to visit story pages:
CAPTURE, TORTURE: take away his freedom and hurt him
CUTTING BALLS, COCKS: take away his manhood
DECAPITATE: take his head off
EATING: take his flesh and body parts as food
DROWNING: take his life with water in his lungs
HUNG: take his life with a rope around his neck
MILITARY: he preserves, protects, and defends you as a proud warrior
STRANGLE: take his life using your hands around his neck

Read the Guideline for Writers before you send in anything to me for consideration.

Guidelines for Writers

  • First, be sure you read other writers’ stories posted here so you have a clear idea about what type of stories we want here.
  • Submit your stories in pdf format by email to Only pdfs are accepted. This means no Word documents or other file formats.
  • Stories may not exceed 30 pdf pages. If you write longer or continuing stories, send each individually within our stated 30-page budget.
  • What you send in must be your own original work.
  • You might benefit as a writer of fiction if you have an awareness of Kurt Vonnegut’s storytelling structures.
  • Be sure to show visually using the English language what is going on in your story instead of merely stating or telling the facts or actions in your story. Your use of the English language should compel the reader to feel what you are showing in your story.
  • Always write an attention-getting title that you think will attract readers to your story.
  • Take the time to correct your spelling, grammar, line spacing, and other document formatting before submitting your pdf or else you will see your mistakes shared with the entire world and you will look amateurish.
  • You may embed images with your text in the pdf but you are responsibile for image rights issues.
  • You remain solely responsible for your story’s style, word choice, and descriptions of sex and/or violence.