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CAPTURE, TORTURE: take away his freedom and hurt him
CUTTING BALLS, COCKS: take away his manhood
DECAPITATE: take his head off
EATING: take his flesh and body parts as food
HUNG: take his life with a rope around his neck
MILITARY: he preserves, protects, and defends you as a proud warrior
STRANGLE: take his life using your hands around his neck



Capture, Torture


Unknown Author — He Chose to Place Himself in Jeopardy (CAPTURE, TORTURE) — Posted 05/06/2019


Centurian F — The Rod of Justice (CAPTURE, TORTURE) — Posted 05/06/2019


Madeira Desouza — Tie Me Up and Fuck Me (CAPTURE, TORTURE) — Originally posted in 2008


Capture, Torture + Death



Madeira Desouza — Combat Culture (CAPTURE, TORTURE + DEATH) — Originally posted in 2014


Madeira Desouza — The Boys in My Barn (CAPTURE, TORTURE + DEATH) — Originally posted in 2016


Madeira Desouza — Cowboy Cruelty (CAPTURE, TORTURE + DEATH) — Originally posted in 2017


Madeira Desouza — Savage Eyes (CAPTURE, TORTURE + DEATH) — Originally posted in 2017


Madeira Desouza — Savage War Savage (CAPTURE, TORTURE + DEATH) — Originally posted in 2008

2 thoughts on “Capture, Torture”

  • tlhulick says:

    Very good stuff, of course; the troubles I had registering were worth the effort (but I knew they were) Thanks for your help.

  • x1 says:

    For me the drawing “Savage War Savage” succeeds because the captive’s testicles are the central focal point. As drops of sweat fly from the captive’s forehead, the viewer is invited to imagine the anxious, ruggedly handsome face of a defeated stud. Etienne or Cavelo, for example, would be unlikely to obscure a prisoner’s face, but here the guy’s mug is turned away from us. The countenance of the captor is also not revealed. Instead, our eyes are drawn to a convergence of lines at the victim’s ballsac: the sword that’s about to prick his nuts and geld him, the defiantly stiff cock and manly cumshot descending from his body, and the muscular contours of his thighs and abs as he hangs belly down from all four limbs. For me the drawing is all about virility and masculinity, the power of which is only fully realized when it is destroyed. The stud’s genetic line ends here. He will not breed again, and if he survives his torture and captivity, it will only be as a lowly eunuch.

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