Studio 9999

All visitors to US Macho Zone get into Studio 9999 free of charge from now on. This free entry may help you stay distracted during your self-quarantine and while isolated from others.

Studio 9999 (on Polaris Avenue just off The Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada) is a most unique place where the fantastic and the magical happen.
The name comes from 99.99% — ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent pure.

Like a Man is a way-out story with very explicit illustrations to help you understand that true nature of Studio 9999. 
This place is where seemingly real men are created. Yes, created. Each created man is part organic matter, part computer, part machine, and the rest is other top-secret ingredients. Explore the details in “Like a Man.”


. . . . . . .

Here’s the physical layout of Studio 9999:

Studio 9999 Features:


What happens in Studio 9999 does not stay in Studio 9999. Learn more:

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