Stud Victim

At first glance he inspired me to jump into a wild fantasy in my mind: This highly masculine guy is restrained with his wrists bound behind his back. I found out he was not the most intelligent person you will ever meet; his value was his manliness even though he was not a genuine human being. (Explore the origin story and background notes on this stud.)

I told him that I did not want the photographs and videos I shot of him to look staged. He responded by showing what I felt were very convincingly authentic behaviors for him in front of my computer-controlled robot cameras. I discovered that he was a completely cooperative subject during the photo shoot, which is the type I prefer over the more troublesome ones. I knew this one would be no trouble at all. He would be easy.

I needed to show him at the apex of arousal. He got there really fast!

When I told him I wanted to show him reclined, he took to that pose so naturally and willingly.

He listened carefully when I described to him that I wanted him to show me and the camera how he envisions bliss looking. I was not disappointed at all.

As a bonus photograph, I made him fuck me while on his back as I rode him cowboy. He exploded into me completely unrestrained. I took from him all he had to give me.


He was recovering from a massive orgasm and not paying attention to me, so I took advantage of the moment and tied his wrists behind his back. His reaction was one of surprise once he understood he was defenseless. I grabbed his balls and squeezed tightly. He got erect again instantly:

Most men don't like having their head and face touched by another man. That's too intimate. That violates their sense of personal space. So I touched him unmercifully with intense intimacy. He suddenly looked utterly vulnerable and yet, his thick cock revealed how much he was aroused by me. I responded by getting harder:
I spoke to him softly and reassuringly while at the same time threatening him with death as I gently caressed his head. He was confused and overwhelmed by my mixed messages. He did not know what to think. He wondered why it enjoyable? Yet he knew it was a violation. He was not in control. He knew that:
Then I fucked him very rough. He clearly was not expected that at all. He cried out as I reached around and forced him against his will to shoot his juices for me:

He returned to regular breathing after his ejaculation. I softly assured him I would give him the chance to prove his masculinity by doing what I referred to as "the fight scene." I would photograph him fighting nude with another man. He went very willingly into this especially having just been unexpectedly fucked by me. I'm sure he was probably thinking based on his muscular stature and youth he would be victorious today in such a fight no matter who the opponent happened to be.

My threatening him had a clear purpose. He just never figured it out until it was too late. I knew what the outcome of "the fight scene" was going to be because I wrote it and produced it long before he was ever created in my shop.

Today this masculine guy was not going to be the winner he had imagined he would be. There was no way for him to know that the other man had pro-level mixed martial arts capabilities. (See the original story and background notes on this guy.) I rigged the outcome of this utterly unfair fight.

After the grunting and the sweating, it was all over much faster than I had anticipated. I was very happy that this stud did not suffer. Much. His thick neck was snapped rather quickly as only a mixed martial arts pro can do. Several of my computerized robot cameras captured everything for me to edit and sell worldwide—an exciting and controversial depiction of the very last minutes in the life of a stud victim.

Soon, this guy will be reanimated back in my shop as if nothing had ever happened to him at all. He will not remember anything. He simply will be made ready in my shop to be forced into further intimate adventures.

Original posted in September 2019. Remixed with new images in February 2020.

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A long-time admirer of your work (especially, of late, at Deviant)
I am now a new subscriber at Pateron, but haven’t figured out how the web page functions:
I get this 3 part error message:

error: “invalid_request”
error_description: “Mismatching redirect URI.”
state: “eyJmaW5hbF9yZWRpcmVjdF91cmkiOiJodHRwOlwvXC91c21hY2hvem9uZS5jb21cL2JhcmEtZmFudGFzaWVzXC9zdHVkLXZpY3RpbVwvIn0=”

What must I do to get to the “meat” of the website ?
Thank you for your consideration.

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