Like a Man – Part 2

"As a peasant woman, do you happen to speak any French or Italian?”
“No, sir. Just English.”
“Then just English shut the fuck up. Keep looking like the lovely and vulnerable young miss that you really are.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Can you change the sound your voice? To sound like a woman’s voice. Know what falsetto means?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Then bump up your pitch higher, you fucking bitch!”
The young man answered in a credible falsetto, “Oh, yes, sir.”
“Ah, just perfect, really. I'm surprised a real man such as yourself would be so good using such a high voice like that?”
After dropping the pitch of his voice down to normal, the young man responded, “Just acting, sir.”
The artist told the young man to make another costume change. "I think you are not acting. I believe you know how to let your feminine side come out very easily."
"Sir," the young man responded with hurt feelings. "I can prove myself to you. Let me make a masculine version of this costume for you. Show you the real version of me using the costume you have provided."
The artist smiled and said, "Yeah, that's more what I prefer. But what am I going to do with this erection of mine now?"
While he was being stroked by the young man, the artist said, “When you walked in here today, you probably figured I wanted to photograph you nude.”
“Yes, sir. I honestly did.”
“So, I’ll make that happen right now, then. Fuck all that female fashion foolishness.”
The artist directed the young man onto the set of nearby Studio “C” but provided little guidance: “Go use those plexiglass shapes. Wing it. Just make yourself hard. Like a man will do.”
“Yes, sir.”
The Studio "C" sessions were when the young man far exceeded all the artist’s expectation.
The young man could tell the artist was very pleased with his work on the Studio "C" plexiglass shapes. So, he was shocked when the artist released a foul-smelling gas from the ceiling above Studio "C" that made the young man suddenly lose consciousness.


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