Like a Man — Part 3

When the young man found himself standing in an all-white room, he feared for his very life. He now accepted the artist had betrayed him and was taking advantage of him completely. He did not expect to make it out of Studio 9999 alive. All the young man could do was stare at the other guy in the white room getting his balls stabbed with a long needle.
"You will not escape from here," the artist assured the young man. "You belong to me now, and I tend to keep what I paid for."
After the young man was restrained by the artist in an odd-looking contraption, he heard his fate: “The devices in here extract from you a lot of specific things I need. Makes you hard, doesn’t it? Hurts an awful lot, too. Removes your DNA . Steals you psyche—conscious and unconscious thoughts and memories. Your personality and behaviors.”
“My wonderous devices take your living matter and blend everything into an upgraded physical presence. Replacing certain things. Retaining the rest. Like a man. But, better. Built with superior technology. Synthetic man. Part organic. Part machine. Part computer. Plus, some top-secret ingredients. You're gonna be better than you ever could have been before you came here to Studio 9999.”
“The very last step in this process is lots of fun for us both. I activate you as a synthetic man. How I do it is simple. I use an intense physical and emotional experience that makes you shoot. I deposit my protein into your rear entry port.”
"And in the end, I control you and everything that you know and believe. I let you remember some things from your former life. Most of your so-called memories are rewritten as I need to do. You go out in the real world one last time and quit that bartending job you hated, and then come back here to Studio 9999. You will obey me and love me literally for the remainder of your life."


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