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During the COVID-19 worldwide response: Save Your Life. Save Others’ Lives. Stay at Home. Get Off Daily. Use these erotic resources every day while you stay at home.

Visit the “Making of…” pages for a rare behind-the-scenes look at Madeira Desouza’s creative process. He reveals many of his secrets here to boost your enjoyment of this website.

All visitors to US Macho Zone get into Studio 9999 free of charge from now on. This free entry may help you stay distracted during your self-quarantine and while isolated from others.
Like a Man is a way-out story with very explicit illustrations to help you understand that true nature of Studio 9999.
Over the centuries many artists have explored the theme of naked male victims. Learn more here at this website.
What really can happen when men are immersed in combat? You won’t be expecting what you see. Combat Culture—illustrated short story—now featured in our Tough & Rough Storytelling section.