Upon Request

Custom Work (Commissioned)

Show your support for my artistic efforts. I am accepting commissioned work requests that start with a digital image (jpg or png file format) you email to me. From that starting image I can produce a finished image for you that you request. You need to tell me in text form in an email what you want to see in the finished image. This works in one of two ways: 


Select a character I created that you saw online. Search online using keywords “Madeira Desouza” (in quotation marks) and you will see many choices.
Go to the website where you see an image of mine you like and copy the full URL. Send that full URL to me in an email to get started.
Or, you may choose from these characters I created: 


Option “2” is I produce a finished image for you adapted from a digital photograph—a close-up of a man’s face. This can be YOUR FACE or someone else’s.
Take a look at these examples of characters I created based on digital photographs of men:

Have you been sexually attracted to a professional musician and would get off seeing an image of him getting fucked?

You’ve seen a celebrity who annoys you but you like to look at his body. It would bring you pleasure if you see him humiliated, tortured, and executed

How about that big hunky pirate from a favorite movie? Want to have his costume stripped off so you can fantasize about all you would do to him?

Imagine your satisfaction getting off when you view you own private totally nude rendition of a hot, young Hollywood actor. Think of the possibilities!


Starting Image

Send me a digital starting image (jpg or png) of YOUR FACE or any man’s face as shown in a close up. The face of a man needs to be shown from at least the neck up, without any shadows or other stuff (such as sun glasses or a hat or facial coverings) blocking a complete view of his face. Look at the example photograph to see the best choice you can make in a starting image to use.


Finished Image

As the side-by-side example shows, the outcome in the finished image is a strong resemblance to the man in the starting image. I cannot guarantee a 100% mirror image match of the face from the starting image, however. You will notice that the man’s hair as shown here in the photograph (starting image) is not preserved in the production process of the finished image. I always can add in just about any hair style or color.

Finished Image in a Story

Want much more? I also can write and produce a sequential art story for you. This is a sequence of images (like in comics or graphic novels) that together tell a story visually one panel or page at a time. See this example of one image from a sequence of images. It tells a story of what happens to a kidnapped man who is gang raped:

This kind of expanded creative production work that results in sequential images to tell a story visually usually takes around 12 pages or more (delivered to you as an illustrated story eBook pdf) with each page having a finished image along with text that tells part of a larger story.


Illustrated Story eBook

You can get a clear idea of what an illustrated story eBook pdf looks like if you consider these actual examples of illustrated story eBook pdfs that I currently sell:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Start with an Image and a Story Idea


This all begins with you picking a starting image (of you or some other guy) and then telling me in text sent to me in an email what’s the story you want me to show visually in the finished product. It’s pretty simple.

But you need to tell me exactly what you want to see happening to the guy in the finished images. The more specific you can be, the better this will turn out for you.

Posted Prices



— One finished image for you based upon a close-up digital photograph of your face or some other guy’s face. Get half off the posted price as a returning customer.


— You get up to 12 pages of one illustrated story you want me to tell featuring images based upon up to 3 existing characters of mine that you choose. Plus you also get one character created from one photograph you send to me. Get half off the posted price as a returning customer.


Returning Customers

Please get in touch with me today to let me know if you want any new customized images created for you.


Individual copyright owners retain full rights to all their photographs shown on this page as examples.

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Madeira rendered the classic Greek tale of Hercules and Antaeus for me. The story has been depicted by artists going back a while. Google “paintings of Hercules and Antaeus”. It also has been made into movies. Google “movies about Hercules and Antaeus”. One of the best might be Steve Reeves, who could get anyone’s attention, as Hercules vs Primo Carnera as Antaeus in “Hercules Unchained.” The gods decreed that Antaeus could not lose a battle as long as he kept his feet on the ground. In a wrestling match to the death, Hercules lifted Antaeus up and he was able to crush the life out of him. An exciting story which Madeira depicted in classic glory. Thanks!

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